Transit: The Ticket to Opportunity

The Path Forward

Indianapolis has one shot in a decade to pass a transit referendum that could generate upwards of 47,000 quality jobs, triple job access for communities of color (as buses roll through every 7 minutes instead of every hour) and ensure shared benefits through targeted development.

Investing in public transit is a way to make Indianapolis a fairer city, and one that works for everyone.

IndyCAN invites congregations and community organizations to join us, so every family has a ticket to opportunity, this year we will;

Goal 1

Pass the transit expansion referendum on November 8th, with at least 15% of the 175,000 votes needed to win a direct result of IndyCAN’s ticket to opportunity field program that targets marginalized voters of color.

Goal 2

Put a plan in place to drop Marion County’s Incarceration rate 20%, in partnership with Mayor Hogsett & Sheriff Layton, by 2018 thru diversion programs for the mentally ill, addicted, and low-level non-violent offenders.