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Solidarity Hotline

(317) 759-9474

Individuals and families who are confronted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or traumatized by local law enforcement may now call (317) 759-9474 and receive on-site support from trained rapid-response leaders within five minutes of the call.

Rapid responders act as moral and legal observers, while accompaniment teams will connect impacted families to legal and social services and work with them to determine an appropriate public response.

The hotline enables IndyCAN to better document abuse by ICE agents or law enforcement across the state. Rapid responders will capture incident data, record video stories and document real-time reports that will be used to identify patterns over time and arm communities of color with the evidence needed to encourage policy change among public officials.

IndyCAN is working to prepare up to 450 leaders in multiple roles to work the hotline, including dispatchers, rapid responders, accompaniment teams, sanctuary hosts, trainers and more.

Save (317) 759-9474 in your phone to reach the Solidarity Hotline!

Download wallet cards to keep with you at all times

Solidarity Hotline wallet cards preview

Print and keep these wallet cards with you so that you will have them if you encounter law enforcement or ICE officials.


Sign up to become a Rapid Responder!

IndyCAN is actively seeking Rapid Responder volunteers. Rapid Responders receive special training to provide on-site support to the caller and their family, record the incident on video and in writing, connect the caller with resources and begin community action. If this sounds like a role, you're interested in, sign up to be a Rapid Responder today!