Prayer vigil held over Trump's decision on DACA

September 5,2017 | WTHR 13 | Link to Article

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Dozens of DACA recipients and supporters brought signs condemning President Donald Trump's decision to end the program.

They joined together in song and prayer fearful of what this means for their families.

"We've lived here. We're Hoosiers," said 28-year-old Carolina Figueroa who explained Indiana is the only home she's ever really known.

She can't remember coming here from Peru when she was just three years old.

"I love my Peruvian culture, but I love my American culture. I'm more American than Peruvian," said Figueroa.

The mother of two's future here now is uncertain.

She's a DACA recipient and recently explained to her sons, ages 8 and 10, that meant she could face deportation.

"I told them it was on the verge of going away and that if something happens to know that I'm going to try my hardest to fight," Figueroa explained.


Part of fighting meant praying and coming together with other DACA supporters at a prayer vigil Tuesday afternoon at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church on the city's west side.

"Dreamers, the faith community is with you. We are with you and we aren't going anywhere," Rev. Dr/ Shannn MacVean-Brown with Christ Church Cathedral told the few hundred gathered.

"It really is not fair to be raised in a country that is your only home and then for someone to say this is not your home," said Elizabeth Valencia. "This is our home."

Voices raised in solidarity outside the church, turned into voices raised in harsh rebuke inside for the president's decision to end DACA.

"Evil, evil, evil is the only way I can describe this decision to end DACA," said Rev. Hector Hernandez with Iglesia Nueva Creacion. "Today, my heart aches when I realize they are 800,000 dreamers and their families who are facing uncertainty and whose lives have been shattered."

"These are people committed to a better life. These are children and young adults who go to school, to universities to make America great every single day and to make their parents proud every single day," said Pastor Bere GilSoto with Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

Amidst the prayers, candles and songs, there was also a call to action for lawmakers to fix the immigration system and give DACA recipients a legal path to citizenship.

"We have to let the Congress hear our roar. We mourn, but we will fight," said Hernandez.

That's just what Carolina Figueroa is vowing to do.

"I'm not leaving without a fight," she said.