Latino community concerned with President's immigration orders

January 26, 2017 | WTHR13 | Link to Article

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Presidents Trump's immigration orders are hitting close to home for many Latinos in Central Indiana, even among those who were born here.

Marina Robledo owns a restaurant along West Washington, in the heart of what's become Indy's Latino community.

"This is causing a lot of stress to people, fears and concerns," she said. "there are fears of being deported...people don't know what to do."

Robledo, born in Mexico, became a U.S. citizens many years ago but said she too feels anxious about the presidents plans to build a wall and begin deporting some of the millions of people here illegally.

"I'm really sad all this has happened because it's effecting people not only outside, but the businesses, the people won't come here because they're scared," she said.

Alma Figueroa, who works St. Anthony's Catholic Church and school shares those concerns. Figueroa, who was born in Chicago, said St. Anthony's is roughly 70% Latino.

"It's breaking up families, that's the biggest issue," she said. "These kids are crying in school with just the thought of coming home one day and not seeing their parents. It's a real fear in our community