Group Seeking Immigration Reform Trying to Send Message to Susan Brooks

November 3, 2013 | WRTV | Link to Video

They're calling it Pilgrimage for a Pathway to Citizenship. And people from Indiana's Fifth Congression District hoping to sent a message to Congresswoman Susan Brooks on immigration reform. Today we found the group holding signs outside Brooks' office in Carmel. The people are working with area clergy and plan to spend four days walking to Anderson covering about 50 miles. Their goal is for Brooks to introduce or co-sponsor a bill including citizenship for undocumented residents.

My brother is a U.S. citizen. He's serving in the Navy. He's currently in Afghanistan. it is very hard for my brother to be willing to give his life for many of us, yet our congressman and politicians don't want to do anything about this broken immigration system.

There are 11 pilgrims taking part, representing 11 million they say are living in the U.S. seeking to become citizens.