Ferguson youth bring message to Indianapolis

January 23, 2015 | WRTV6 | Link to Article

INDIANAPOLIS - As the relationship between police and communities remains strained -- Crispus Attucks High School welcomed two young adults form Ferguson, Missouri to help find answers.

The event was part of a weekend revival organized by the group IndyCAN, which works to promote racial and economic justice in the city.

The two youth were at the forefront of those highly publicized events last year in Ferguson, Missouri. Since then, they've started traveling the country as voices for change.  

They spoke Friday night about their personal experiences peacefully protesting in Missouri and at one point getting arrested for doing so.

Their message was not about black and white, but rather right and wrong.

Their hope is to start discussions in places like Indianapolis that will eventually lead to peaceful revolution in the streets.

"I've seen a lot of hood in America and seen how they operate and the issues they face. Well what's different between St. Louis and the rest of these cities and why is this still going on there. Because we have no opportunity there. It's hopeless, so when we fight, we're fighting strictly for the opportunity to hope," one speaker said.

"What's going on in Ferguson, that's a lot of torture, but I could just reminisce and picture that happening right here in Indianapolis. It's just sending the youths out here with nothing to do. They're lost. They're traumatized. Eight-year-olds see murders. Traumatized. They need help. Jail is not the solution," a member of IndyCAN said.

Events related to the IndyCAN revival, including a peaceful demonstration at the construction site of Marion County's new Criminal Justice Center, will pick back up Saturday morning at 9:30.