Demonstrators rally against Trump’s immigration orders at Indy airport

January 29, 2017 | Fox59 | Link to Article

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Hundreds gathered at the Indianapolis International Airport Sunday night to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order creating a temporary ban on immigrants from seven Middle Eastern countries. Among the demonstrators were several Syrian nationals, who say they emigrated from that country several years ago.

“I left my home, I left all my family, and I miss them,” said Ratan Bakman, who says he came from Syria two years ago.

Others with ties to Syria were also out at the airport to show support for what they believe.

“What made me come out is it’s the ethical thing to do,” said Abdul Salthei, who was born in America to Syrian parents, “it’s the right thing to do.”

Others, like local teacher Sarah Tekolste, say they came out to feel like they’re a part of the democratic process.

“I guess I expected a smaller crowd so I’m really happy to see the people of Indianapolis come out,” said Tekolste.

Throughout the weekend, the number of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle raising concerns about the order continued to grow, including Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.

“What we’re trying to do is get the administration to understand, ‘look you may be intending one thing, but this is what’s actually happening,’” said Donnelly, “you’re weakening our country, you’re making it more dangerous.’”

Supporters of the order say it’s needed to weed out potential terrorists, believing a temporary ban gives the U.S. time to strengthen its vetting process. That’s a view most at the airport protest did not agree with.

“We have a lot of stories from yesterday,” said Lina Midani, who came to the U.S. from Syria 26 years ago, “my friend, her parents are green card holders, and they got stopped in the Chicago airport.”

Organizers say they plan to have similar demonstrations in the future.