LIVE FREE ACTION: Indy Youth to Chief Roach: ‘It’s time for Indianapolis Violence Reduction Plan (IVRP) 2.0’

[Part of the Prophetic Resistance Summit]

As lives lost to gun violence steadily tick up, over 600 impacted youth and clergy will hold a ‘LIVE FREE Youth Action’ to urge Mayor Joe Hogsett and Chief Brian Roach to join them to recalibrate the Indianapolis Violence Reduction Partnership (IVRP) for the next generation.

“Thirty of my childhood friends, brothers, sons, fathers died to gun violence and I’m only 27 years old.  I carry this trauma into every moment of my day. This is not an inevitable fact of life. There are proven solutions, and they start with a genuine path out of the street life for the handful of people driving the violence,” explained Derris Ross, IndyCAN LIVE FREE Fellow and founder of ‘The Ross Foundation’ “The Mayor and Chief Roach are on the right path bringing back IVRP.  In the last two decades, cities that implement ‘IVRP-like’ strategies learned a lot about what it takes to drop gun violence and keep it down.  But, we can’t just dust off the old playbook, we’ve got to re-tool IVRP for today’s youth.”

At the Youth Action, Rev. Michael McBride, Director of the LIVE FREE Campaign that has organized communities in some of the of the most dangerous cities to implement ‘IVRP-like strategies’, with major drops in homicides --  55% drop (Stockton, CA), 60% drop (Richmond, CA), 40% drop (Oakland, CA), 42% drop (Camden, NJ) -- will share national best practices that have led to these incredible results.

The effort is being led by the Indianapolis Congregation Action Network (IndyCAN), which published the 2016 report The People’s Agenda for Ending Mass Incarceration and Mass Criminalization in Marion County.  Many of the strategies laid out have already been adopted by Mayor Hogsett, who will receive the ‘Champion of Justice’ award that night for his leadership on reducing mass incarceration.

As a part of the ‘Prophetic Resistance Summit’, over 300 prominent clergy and faith leaders from across the nation will attend to show solidarity and applaud efforts by cities whose efforts are leading to ending mass criminalization of people of color.  The Summit is hosted by IndyCAN and the PICO National Network and will take place on Oct 23-25th, at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis, where hundreds of clergy will gather to champion a ‘Moral Agenda’ ahead of the 2018 Mid-term elections.

When:  Tuesday, October 24 at 6 p.m.
Where: Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 1301 N. Goodlet Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46222


  • Youth leaders directly impacted by gun violence and over incarceration and multi-faith clergy affiliated with the Indianapolis Congregation Action Network,
  • 300+ Prominent National Multi-faith Clergy and Tribal Leaders
  • Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett (invited)
  • IMPD Chief Brian Roach (Confirmed)
  • Prosecutor Terry Curry (invited)
  • National LIVE FREE Director Michael McBride


What is IVRP 2.0?  Cities that succeed in dropping homicides and keeping them down share common best practices:

  • A full-time, local, highly capable Program Manager
  • Inter-agency collaboration
  • Street Outreach Workers
  • Data Analysis. To identify the small and active number of those involved with street groups and drivers of gun violence
  • A genuine connection to a job and resources to leave street life

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