Welcome to the newest members of the Faith in Indiana team!

Audrey DavisAudrey Davis

Community Organizer, Northeast Region

Faith in Indiana is excited to announce its newest community organizer, Audrey Davis, who will support organizing efforts for Faith in Indiana’s newest chapters in northern Indiana. 

For the last year, Audrey has been a strong force, guiding the new effort in her role as the director of social justice ministries for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne–South Bend. Audrey holds a bachelor’s in political science and history, two years of post-graduate theological study from Italy, experience working with undocumented and migrant communities at the Catholic Worker in Louisville, Ky., and four years in the military. 

But perhaps the most impactful part of her upbringing was her childhood, Audrey says. “Growing up in northern Indiana as the second oldest of four in a single-parent household, I saw firsthand the ways poverty can diminish people’s estimation of themselves but also the hope that can prevail with a belief in God.”

Francine DashFrancine Dash

Communications Director

We are excited to announce the appointment of Francine Dash, our new communications director. Francine holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from Indiana University – Bloomington and a master’s in Information and Communications Sciences from Ball State University. She brings more than 24 years of marketing and communications experience to this role, and she’s excited to have gotten started. 

"Empowering the community, engaging leaders and supporting effective partnerships are essential to the work we do,” Francine says. “Faith in Indiana has already done so much to achieve this goal by addressing issues affecting Indiana families, from health care and immigration to jobs and incarceration reform. My hope is to continue to increase the awareness of those issues and others and to work toward highlighting solutions that improve the quality of life for all citizens in our state."

Shoshanna Spector

Executive Director
mobile: (317) 544-9242

Nicole Barnes

Operations Manager
mobile: (317) 372-2784

Francine Dash

Communications Director
mobile: (317) 734-6642

Rev. Juard Barnes

Community Organizer
mobile: (317) 285-9256

Sr. Tracey Horan

Bilingual Community Organizer
mobile: (317) 319-2540

Rosie Bryant

Community Organizer
Culture of Health
mobile: (317) 476-3552

Audrey Davis

Community Organizer, Northeast Region
mobile: (260) 557-4613