Our Priorities are Based on Our Values

Everything we do at IndyCAN boils down to three main values:

  • Inclusion — All Hoosiers should have opportunities to be included, both through economic inclusion and citizenship.
  • Abundance — We believe that the abundant wealth in Indianapolis is unfairly distributed, and that the gap between the rich and poor is extravagant. More jobs — and clearer pathways to obtaining those jobs — with family-sustaining wages are necessary to close the abundance gap.
  • Keeping families together — Between mass incarceration rates that are out of control and deportation tactics that strike down our country’s belief in freedom, families are too often broken apart by systems that are working against individuals, especially immigrants and non-violent offenders. This is an unnecessary strain on our communities that has the potential for change.

Each year, IndyCAN leaders stand face-to-face with thousands of people in its congregations and community. The goal is to understand the community’s hopes, dreams and priorities for the region in which they live.

In our most recent community assessment, IndyCAN prioritized three main systems we anticipate impacting over the next 5 years:

Economic Inclusion and Dignity

Hoosiers born into poverty in Indiana today are unlikely to escape poverty in their lifetimes. City- and state-wide systems prevent low-income Hoosiers from obtaining opportunities to gain footholds on their economic challenges, and they’re often trapped in economic distress. IndyCAN believes that there are changes that can and should be made that will improve the economic mobility of Hoosiers, which can in turn improve the quality of life for low-income individuals.

We support:

  • Opening pathways to jobs with family-sustaining wages
  • Developing career pipelines that align training with employer needs
  • Expanding regional transportation
  • Removing barriers to employment, good wages and benefits

Ending Mass Incarceration and Gun Violence

Too many families are being torn apart in Indiana, the result of the misuse of jails that warehouse those who are mentally ill, those who are too poor to post bail, immigrant detainees and low-level, non-violent offenders. In fact, Indiana recently ranked second in the nation for the state with the most children who have incarcerated parents.

We believe there needs to be a change in focus in Indiana — a move away from the assumption that incarcerated individuals must be detained as long as possible and toward the realization that all of us are redeemable if given a fair chance.

We advocate for reducing violence through:

  • The implementation of proven, evidence-based, nationally recognized strategies that link those who are the most likely to engage in violence to jobs and alternatives to street life
  • Healing the broken relationship between law enforcement and communities of color
  • Integrating immigrants and previously incarcerated individuals into the fabric of our community

Creating a Pathway to Citizenship

IndyCAN immigrant and non-immigrant leaders are united in helping Indianapolis reach its aspiration of being a truly “World Class City” that is welcoming to all.

We advocate for:

  • Preventing the separation of families through a national pathway to citizenship
  • Improving public safety for aspiring citizens in Central Indiana
  • Increasing access to higher education
  • Expanding pathways to jobs with good, family-sustaining wages