Annual Reports

Click the links below to download archived annual report summaries from IndyCAN.

2016 Annual Summary

IndyCAN is changing the narrative around race, equality and opportunity for all in Indianapolis! In 2016, we empowered 1,304 Hoosier residents — marginalized families, returning citizens, faith leaders and more — to make real change in our state. Our annual summary highlights our major accomplishments, including wins for economic dignity, criminal justice reform and immigrant inclusion!

2015 Annual Summary

IndyCAN had much to celebrate when looking back on 2015. We prayed. We voted. We acted! We saw the power we can generate when we come together, united in our faith and our belief that all men and women are created equally in the image of God.

2014 Annual Summary & 2014 Voter Report

In 2014, IndyCAN continued its strategic focus on:

  • Raising its prophetic voice - Uniting clergy members and leaders to join social justice action
  • Fostering leadership development - Equipping 120 new leaders to engage 15,430 community members and
  • Awakening the electorate - Gathering volunteers to have 12,002 phone conversations with traditionally excluded voters.