indyCAN marchers at Pope Francis visit to United States

Our Mission

IndyCAN is a catalyst for marginalized peoples and faith communities to act collectively for racial and economic equity in Indiana.

Our Theory of Change

IndyCAN's Theory of Change is simple. IndyCAN builds the power of traditionally excluded communities through leadership development, amplifying the prophetic voice, awakening the electorate and forming new strategic partnerships. These partnerships help us reshape the environment and effect change in regional, state and national policy campaigns. Together, these initiatives will help us achieve our bold vision of "Opportunity for All." 

Collaborating with its partners, IndyCAN trains and equips leaders to:

  • Reach out to their neighbors
  • Identify common concerns
  • Research possible solutions
  • Collaborate with key decision-makers to implement solutions.

IndyCAN is a multi-racial, multi-class, multi-faith, non-partisan organization that reaches tens of thousands of people committed to advancing the leadership of the most marginalized (returning citizens, immigrants, excluded workers and youth).

IndyCAN’s "Opportunity for All" platform includes:

  1. End Mass Incarceration and Violence
  2. Economic Dignity
  3. Immigrant Inclusion